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May 2016
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In honour of today being International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia, I wrote a little poem.


A hug and a kiss,
IDAHoBIT is this!
I’ll give you some more,
For my bisexual husband I do so adore,
To my friends and family still fighting for your rights,
I trust this day brings your plight some well deserved light,
For let us not fear the diversity in life,
Nor hate, or discrimination that leads us in strife,
Love and acceptance is what we choose,
It’s not a game, nor a win or a lose,
It’s a fact, we are one,
All inclusive, never to be undone,
So stand up tall,
Shine unconditional love on us all.



A Woman Who

You may have thought I wasn’t coming back, since I hadn’t dropped by for such a long time. The good news is, I’m here to assist you once more. My apologies for my absence, for I wasn’t nearly as ready as I thought I was to get into some regular dialogue when I returned from my lengthy hiatus, after ill health in 2014.

Trusting I am now.

I am shocked it has been that long.

Oh well, it is what it is.

So what’s been happening over the past year or so?

The big news is, Andrew, my bisexual husband and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary early in December last year. Who would’ve ever thought that would be possible, especially once I found out he was keeping such a huge part of himself secret from me (and the rest of the world), twenty-three years ago? If you had asked me back then, I would’ve said there’s no way we would still be together, let alone more in love, twenty-three years on post disclosure.

Thank goodness miracles do exist.

I exist.

For what kind of woman could continue to love and be in love with a man whom has sex, or fantasises about having sex with men and her?

A woman who is sure of herself and her relationship with her beloved.

A woman who can forgive, trust, negotiate, learn, laugh, re-evaluate and stand in her truth, again and again.

A woman who feels the fear and does it anyway and knows the difference between fear and danger.

A woman who loves unconditionally and is no longer blinded by the restraints of wanna-be dictators.

A woman who does not conform nor follow the pack.

A woman who no longer compares herself to others.

A woman who seeks authenticity, connection, honesty, individuality, open communication – in speaking and listening, trust, intimacy, freedom and love.

A woman who does not live in a box, who’s beyond the norm, a step aside her comfort zone, feet firmly planted in the real world.

A woman who questions everything.

A woman who makes the rules up as she goes along, yet knows her boundaries.

A woman who is willing to give it a go.

A woman who gets knocked down and gets back up again.

A woman of strength, conviction, power, softness, subtleness, empowerment.

A woman open to possibilities, including the impossible – for I’m possible.

A woman who lives in the now.

A woman who trusts the process of life.

A woman who dances in her dark, the same way she dances in her light.

A woman who is so much more than mere words on paper.

A woman of worth.

A woman full of self-love and love for others.

A woman who didn’t know she could do it, until she did it!

This is the woman I’ve become, becoming, ever changing, ever evolving, ever new.

A self-made woman.


To the women reading this,

What kind of woman are you?

Do you embody any of these traits?


To the men reading this,

What kind of woman do you love?

Does the woman you love embody any of these traits?


Are there any other traits you recommend in this situation?


A woman who…


Hello beautiful people,

Remembering I’m no expert in the field of sex, sexuality, relationships and so forth. I have no formal qualifications whatsoever. I have no looking glass, crystal ball, or mind reading abilities (not yet anyway!). I do however have over two decades of resources collated, knowledge obtained, wisdom sourced, lessons learnt, literature read, experiences gained, decisions made, self reviewed, all from my days dedicated to the relationship I have with my bisexual husband being the best it possibly can be.

What I do know for a fact, without any shred of a doubt – a relationship like mine, loving a bisexual man can be a happy, fulfilling, successful, sensual, sexual and intimate one, on all levels. It isn’t reserved for the fittest, the healthiest, the richest, the biggest, and the best…it is for anyone willing and able to go there. To put in the hard miles, if required. To negotiate and renegotiate. To seek assistance. To make mistakes. To forgive. To trust. To create. To laugh. To love. To live!

Sure it’s not your “traditional” run of the mill kind of relationship that is understood or even accepted in the eyes of all. It is different, I can guarantee you that! If that’s the one thing stopping you from creating the love and life you want, the “what will people think of me, of us”, phenomena, then I say this with the gentlest hand on my heart…build a bridge and get over it sister!

IT’S YOUR RELATIONSHIP…nobody else’s, yours!

Find a way to release all that conditioning. All those old beliefs that no longer serve you.

The only people who need to have any kind of say in your relationship, is you and your partner. You alone cannot achieve said outcome, in my most humble of opinions. They don’t say ‘it takes two to tango’ for no reason.

Some rules, guidelines, are solid and good for us, such as it taking two to tango. Some are so outdated the only benefit you could ever receive from them would be to wear them to a bad taste party, such as tango partners being restricted to only male and female!

I guess it comes down to priorities. Do you want to be loved by everyone else, which in reality, is never going to happen, or the man you love? Not that I’m saying he doesn’t love you already…what I am saying is you are the two most important people in your relationship. That is of course assuming you are in a relationship made for two…

Relationships themselves come in all manner of shapes and forms these days. I’m speaking from the perspective I know best, the two fold, me and my bisexual husband. Which isn’t all he’s made up of by the way. It’s a part of who he is, a significant part…and I love him for it.

I chose the man I love above anything or anyone else and by doing so put our family first.

It’s definitely been challenging and I confess to there being times over the years I found myself thinking there’s no way I can do this. There’s no way we can do this. It’s just not right.

Thank goodness I let those thoughts go and focussed on the good stuff, which at times was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. It doesn’t matter how minute, it was still there!

Who do you choose?

Their happiness and approval or your own?

Big love & huge hugs,


Yes I Am Still Here!

Hello beautiful people,

Well it’s certainly been a long, long time since I checked in here last.

My health challenge, the one I had mentioned a little about in a previous post, got considerably worse and I was no longer able to keep this site going. My brain had decided to take a vacation, lights were on but no one was home!

Fortunately I’m well and truly over the worst of it now and on the better side of wellness and continue to heal in leaps and bounds (whoops…nearly wrote pounds!). Okay so there has been a bit of that too. I’m finally becoming more at peace with my body doing whatever it takes to be 100% healthy again.

Now that the lights are on and I’m home again, I feel ready to get back on deck and get this blog happening once more. Thought I was ready a couple of months ago…turns out I wasn’t!

One thing I’ve decided to do is make this site purely about the trials and triumphs of living with and loving my bisexual husband and all things related to managing a relationship such as my own which is considered untraditional, at the very least.

Therefore I’m in the midst of creating another site dedicated to all the things that interest, challenge, intrigue, inspire, motivate me and so forth, called Things That Make You Go Mmmm…

You can check it out over here if your interested

In refocusing my energy here I’m going to start a fresh, so if I repeat a topic or something I’ve already talked about…so be it. It will most likely come from a different place now any way, as my life has changed a lot in this past year or so. I trust you understand.

I’d really love to hear from you. What you’d like to know. How it is I can best assist you and your bisexual husband to live out your happily ever after, if that is what both of you so choose.

FYI, the Private Facebook Group didn’t really pan out. I’m not sure if it was too confronting for some of you or there just aren’t that many of you out there living with your bisexual husbands, or because I simply dropped the ball (so to speak). Anyway this site is for you. Please do let me know if I can assist you in any way.

Well that’s it for today.

Short and sweet…a bit like me!

Big love & huge hugs,


Etiquette For Private Facebook Group

Hello beautiful ones,

As promised for the Private Facebook Group.

Big love & huge hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®


Etiquette or Rules of Engagement!

Confidentiality is paramount.

Acceptance of the fact we are all on different pages, with different lifestyle choices and that’s okay.

Respect for each other.

There is no right or wrong, there just is!

The moderator(s) have the right to delete a comment/post if deemed inappropriate or aggressive to another member.

The moderator(s) have the right to remove you from this group if your behaviour is deemed inappropriate or aggressive to another member.

Overview For Private Facebook Group

Hello beautiful ones,

Here is the Overview (word for word as it appears) for the Private Facebook Group I have created called Sexual Biversity for the Women.

If this group resonates with you, we’d love to have you join us in the discussions we are having, will have.

See you in the land of Facebook.

Big love & huge hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®


Sexual Biversity for the Women Overview

The Sexual Biversity private group has been created for the purpose of empowering those women who choose to stay married to (or in a relationship with) their loving men (whom also choose to be in the relationship) who swing both ways.

It is here to guide you, support you, show you, you can indeed have your happily ever after. Sure it may not be the happily ever after you thought you had originally signed up for, however it truly still can be your happily ever after.

How do I know this to be true? Because I am living proof that you can do this! I’m now almost 21 years post disclosure and after many years of heartache and challenges l am more in love with my husband today than what I was 25 years ago when we first started dating and vice versa I might add. If that ain’t proof…I don’t know what is!

I also know I’m not the first woman to achieve/create this. I am however happy to shout out to the world as loud as I possibly can that you too can do this, it can be done!

At the very forefront of this group is unconditional love. The love you have when you embrace your husband’s (partner’s) complete being, including their sexual expression (as well as embracing the unconditional love you have for yourself!). Without trying to change them in any way shape or form to the way in which you think they ‘should’ be or the way in which a marriage (relationship) is ‘supposed’ to be.

You are the creators of your own world; you can create your relationship however you like based on what your rules, guidelines, boundaries and so forth are. Not someone else’s, yours!

Because this is a group of empowering women choosing to empower woman! Please leave all attachments to negativity, being a victim, the poor me’s, the blamers or any form of judgments you may have to how others choose to live their lives, outside this space. Instead choose to come from a place of love, learning, open mindedness, gratitude, releasing, choice, a positive attitude and welcoming the new.

I imagine there will be challenges along the way and we’ll be here to support and assist each other however we can. It will be up to you how you’re going to respond to those challenges that will make all the difference. Feel free to vent if you need to, I ask that you do so coming from a place of possibility and moving forward.

If by chance you’re not in a place where you could even fathom the idea of forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, unconditional love or the fact that you even have a bisexual husband/partner, as it’s too huge a leap away from where you are right now, have a go at ‘what if’. ‘What if’ one day I could forgive him? ‘What if’ one day I could accept his bisexuality? ‘What if’ one day I could understand? ‘What if’ one day I could love unconditionally? ‘What if one day we could negotiate/design our relationship the way we see best fits us? ‘Just ‘what if’!

What if one day is tomorrow?

Please engage here. Share what has worked well for you. Share what hasn’t worked so well and how you’ll do it differently next time. Or ask how could I have done it differently?

Empathise, uplift, encourage, support, suggest, embrace, respect, laugh and love.

I know I may be asking a lot of you, especially when I don’t know where you’re at right now. I also know you are worth it! As too is your relationship. Give it all you’ve got. Commit 100% to yourself, your husband (partner), your family and your life together.

Love is the only truth, everything else is an illusion.

If you don’t already know who I am and would like to know more about me and my journey thus far with my bisexual husband, you can check me out at my blog here Or if you’d like to get to the nitty gritty of how I am living my happily ever after you can also purchase a copy of my book Sexual Biversity, loving my bisexual husband. There’s a link on my site or message me personally to organise how to get your copy.

Also feel free to contact me for 1-on-1/couple mentoring sessions and workshops (coming soon).

Infinite Love & Gratitude.

Big love & huge hugs,


My Private Facebook Group



Oh My Gosh!

Oh My Gosh!

How reminiscent of me.


I forgot to tell you about the Private Facebook group I have created for the straight wives, women partners of bisexual men. That is of course, until a time I can create a Private Members Forum on here.

Hmm…on second thoughts perhaps it may be beneficial to keep the FB group going as well. Who knows? We’ll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

This private group has been created for the women partners of bisexual men to engage in healthy conversations with each other. The how to’s, the why do’s, the where to’s, the could you, would you, definitely not should you!

For this group is all about choices, no beating yourselves up over something you “should do” or “should’ve done”.

Only the best ingredients for making your relationships triumph.

Because they truly can triumph, if they aren’t already!

It is a place to share what has worked well for you, what hasn’t worked so well for you and what you would do differently next time a challenge or issue may arise. Or simply to ask what could I have done differently? Could I have done it differently?

It is a place for tips, pointers, offers of encouragement, support, empathy, suggestions, reminders, recommendations and so forth.

Please be aware, it is a healthy space, a positive place, a lets be nice race. It’s not a hangout for the poor me’s, why me’s, ain’t even gonna try me’s!

On a serious note (not that I haven’t been being serious until now) there is a Group Overview and an Etiquette and Rules of Engagement document to be read and agreed upon to be a part of this group. I shall post them as separate posts for your perusal so you get the gist of what I have created.

I understand not all of you will be in your happy place yet and we’re all no doubt at very different stages of our relationships and that’s perfectly okay. My take on life is if you want to be happy, successful, healthy, etc, then you’re best to hang out with people who are happy, successful, healthy, etc. Rather than hanging out with people who are unhappy, unsuccessful, unhealthy, etc, believing they can get you there, wouldn’t you agree? Like creates like.

As long as you and your partner are both willing to give your relationship the very best opportunity for happiness, success, health, etc, then you my lovely are most welcome to be a part of this group. That’s all it takes, a willingness to give it a real go and agree to the way the group operates.

Why a private group? Because I know not all of you are as comfortable about being so openly public with your relationships like I am. For your privacy and from my understanding, no one can find the group through searching, see who’s a member of the group or read any of the posts, comments or conversations taking place. That being said it is the Internet.

Having read the Group Overview, Etiquette and Rules of Engagement and you would like to be part of this group, now comes the tricky bit. We have to be Facebook buddies for me to join you up or for you to request to join. So my thoughts are if we are not already FB buddies, send me a friend request (by searching Lyndal Coon) with a private message attached asking to join the group. Also if you don’t want to stay FB friends, please feel free to unfriend me once you are sure you are part of the group. I will take no offence whatsoever. I do trust this all makes sense. If not it will sort it’s self out somehow!

Well that’s it from me today…

I hand it over to you…

Let’s create a community of loving, like minded, open and supportive sisters doing it for themselves.

What do you think?

You in?

Or are you out?

I guess I shall wait and see…

Until next time, no matter where you’re at in life, put a smile on your dial…it will make a huge difference to your day.

Big love & huge hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2013

Hello beautiful people,

Well it’s that time of year again when we get to give a big shout out of woo hoo to all whom express their sexual orientation as Bisexual.

For today, the 23 September, marks this year’s International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, Bi Pride Day, Bi Visibility Day, Bi Day.

Time to colour the world blue, purple and pink! These are the colours of the bisexual flag.

Stand up and be seen, acknowledged, recognised, celebrated and thanked for the tremendous contributions you bring to life’s rainbow of experiences.

If you’re not in a place where you are celebrated for who you truly are and how you openly express yourself, then please, today of all days, make an effort to go somewhere where you are and if that’s not physically possible, I encourage you to party on the inside! Or at the very least adorn yourself with the colour purple.

There are lots of ways to be a part of this fabulous day. If you don’t already have plans do a bit of Googling to find out what and if there’s anything happening in your area. Or for a quick and easy option check out the Bi Visibility website

For my bisexual husband and me, we’ll be making the trip up to the big smoke to have a celebratory dinner in Melbourne, Australia with the crew from Bisexual Alliance Victoria. This is huge for me at the moment, as I’m much challenged with my health still, although that being the case, you know what? It’s oh so worth the effort. This is one way I get to thank Andrew for all that he is and all that he gives and how fabulous it is to have him as my life partner in all his bisexual glory.

If you’re in Melbourne, available tonight and would like to join us, I’m sure it’s not too late. To RSVP, contact James on 0407 823 025 to book your place. We’ll be at the Lord Newry Hotel, upstairs function room, 543 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North. Feel free to wear some blue, purple and or pink.

Wherever you are, however you choose to acknowledge this part of you, out loud and proud or quiet and subdued, please always remember you are to be celebrated…for you are so worth it…we’re all worth it!

Big love & huge hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

Sporadically Me!

Hello beautiful people,

It’s been a while, I know and once again I apologise.

Hmm…although just thinking about it now…do I really need to apologise or do we just accept this is how I role, sporadically, and we take what we can, when I can deliver it?!

Mmm yes, let’s do that. From now on no more apologies from me for being such a slack arse, because I’m not…I’m a sporadical arse!

Yay, that feels better, I reckon we go with that, then I don’t have to beat myself up for being so slack and you know you’ll get a piece of me every now and then and that’s perfectly alright…unless of course, that changes! (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!).

Now that we have that out of the way, the first item on the agenda is something I’ve realised I may have previously missed mentioning up until now…D’oh! If you’re in Victoria, Australia, Melbourne, the Peninsula or Geelong to be more precise, there is a Bisexual discussion group facilitated by members of Bisexual Alliance Victoria, which meets once a month to discuss all things Bi. Just click on the words Melbourne, Peninsula and Geelong to find out the where’s, the why’s, the when’s and the what times these chats happen. You can also click on the word Bisexual for more info about Bisexual Alliance Victoria.

Just to clarify this isn’t specifically a group for bisexual husbands (partners) and their straight spouses (partners). It’s open to all bisexually identifying people, bi-curious people, bi-friendly peeps, partners, lovers etc. We’ve been going to the Melbourne one for a few years now and I love it.

Oh and FYI, just to flag this one, the Geelong Bi Chat takes place tomorrow night, Thursday 15 August, so if your keen to go along to that one, you might want to click the link sooner than later!

Secondly it may be best to pre-warn you, now that we’ve just come to the above arrangement; I may be even more sporadic than usual (if it’s at all possible!). To cut a very long story short, my body is being challenged at present (and has been the past two months) by a severe case of Mercury Poisoning which has affected my brain. It has also affected my ability to speak properly with the last 4 weeks being rather quiet indeed, pretty much in silence. I think a couple of weeks ago there was about an hour’s window of some form of words coming out, then gone again!

Fortunately it hasn’t affected my ability to write as such, as you are well aware of by now from reading this and I can still manage to communicate, to some degree!

There are other symptoms playing out too, although I won’t go into the details here and now, except to say they are definitely keeping me on my toes by calling up all my strength, trust and courage to keep moving forward in the right direction, with a smile on my dial and a glow in my heart.

By now if you’ve been hanging around me for a while, you’ll know, me being me, I believe this is a gift, an opportunity for me to do some more work on myself, dive deeper into the crux of who I am. Being in silence certainly makes that part easier!

The one thing I love about this life of mine is its multitude of layers. Just because I have healed, released, forgiven, loved, moved on from that moment, doesn’t mean there won’t be any more of that to do on a different layer at a different level.

Me also being me, which you’ve probably already ascertained too by now, I like to do things in my own unique style, in my own big, bold, brassy, somewhat quirky and sassy way. No shrinking violet here! Not anymore anyway. So why not create a symptom in my body that has me dialoguing with my being on all levels, all at once! Let’s challenge the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and hell yeah, let’s even throw in the psychic or energetic as well! Why not…I can take it!

I’m very grateful for all the experiences thus far which have allowed me to thrive (hmm is that the right word?) during times like these when I am furthest out of my comfort zone. What I’m attempting to say here, is even though it can feel like shit in the thick of it, it also feels exhilarating to stretch beyond my current capabilities, understandings and possibilities, to knowing thyself even more, by becoming more authentic, less protective and fearful, more vulnerable, open, honest, loving and real.

Creative too, that’s what I have to become, as to temporarily loose one of my abilities to communicate as a speaker…uh hello…mentor and author, I have to find a way around my current predicament to still be able to do all those things.

I was put on this Earth to make a difference. I will continue to do that, no matter what gifts, obstacles, challenges, opportunities or bumps in the road are put before me.

Until next time,

Use the Force Luke!

Big love & huge hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®












It’s A Wrap…Finally!

Hello beautiful people,

I had wondered whether or not to write this or just let it slip by the wayside as it has been sooooo long since it happened, however I had promised you I would and I believe even though it is so late…it’s still better late than never…so without further delay…here is my Midsumma 2013 Wrap Up!

So what exactly is Midsumma?

In a nutshell it’s a festival celebrating queer culture, arts, entertainment and community. You can check it out here if you like

With so many fabulous events and a 3 hour return trip to get to any of them (really must manifest/create that home away from home in Melbourne town!), as much as I would have loved to go to a dozen or more events, I settled (almost begrudgingly) for no less than the opening Carnival, a fabulous walking tour around Melbourne called “the Beat Goes On’, (which peaked my interest immediately as this is what one of my chapters in my book is called!), and finishing the festival season off with the annual Pride March.

Carnival is by far the biggest single event on the Midsumma program. It is the official opening of the Midsumma Festival, a day of celebration and coming together (however you identify… bisexual, straight…whatever) along the picturesque banks of the Yarra River at the beautiful Birrarung Marr.

There were tens of thousands of people there rejoicing in the pride of community and oneness, entertainment a plenty, food glorious food, fun and frivolities! Lots of stalls where information could be collected and conversations had. Beautiful friends to bump into and chatter with gregariously, with an abundance of new people to meet as well! I loved this event and true to its Summer form…it was hot…hmm in more ways than one!

Congratulations to all who made this event possible, fabulous and definitely an ongoing booking in my calendar. Huge congrats too for achieving such an incredible milestone of 25 years of Midsumma! That in and off itself deserves a resounding and huge WOO HOO!

On the following weekend we arrived at the meeting point at Federation Square to begin what was going to be one eye opening (not just one of my eyes…both!) and perspective changing event! The Beat Goes On was a 90 minute walking tour highlighting the history and public landmarks around Melbourne marking its underground beat culture…men who seek sexual encounters with men.

Our tour guide, Anthony Gurrisi was nothing less than spectacular. He was knowledgeable, articulate, passionate, concise (to the best of his ability), entertaining and informative. Equipped with a friendly smile and an iPad to boot to show us stunning photos of buildings and places of times gone by.

Today, I have such a different respect for beats that I did not have prior to taking this tour. I must admit to still holding onto some old conditioning (always some old conditioning to let go of!), beliefs and fear as well when it came to even thinking about a beat. Sure I had relaxed over the years and wasn’t so highly strung up about it, although I did still have strong reservations about this kind of interaction taking place so publicly. Would I be if it was heterosexuals doing this? Hmm…! Actually I believe so…there’s still a whole lot of conditioning to let go there too…the prude in me still exists to some degree today even with all the work I have done on myself!

What I learnt is yes beats were used for sexual encounters by men seeking men, however back then, perhaps more so than today; they were more likely to be a place of first point of contact, no sexual exchanges then and there.

By the end of the tour I was not only fascinated by what I was hearing and seeing, I was liberated and had a greater understanding of why men visit beats. Like any public display of a sexual nature, there will, I imagine, always remain an element of excitement, danger, eroticism, naughtiness, etc. due to the adrenalin, endorphins and so forth produced from such a risky behavior to keep them going back for more!

On the other foot can we continue to stand in denial (for those who continue to deny!) that we, as a whole created this when we made homosexual (bisexual…man on man) acts illegal? Surely if men, people for that matter, were free to interact sexually with whomever they chose to as consenting adults, wouldn’t this risky behavior decrease dramatically? When forced into a corner what would you do?

Hence why marriage equality is such an important aspect to conquer! Let them have their day…let them have their equality of life…let them have their human right! Let us all be free…for we are all one.

We are all, to some degree, part of the problem…let us be part of the solution. What part are you playing? No part (which in actual fact you are!) or a big part?! I choose to play big! On that note small would suffice also. Actively participating, regardless of how big or small, rather than passively sitting (which is a major form of colluding anyway!) on the sidelines is all I ask of you. Allow your energy to flow in the right direction…the human rights direction!

And last but by no means least, Melbourne’s Pride March. Oh how I love thee! What an event it was…continues to be. What better way to create community, support, awareness, acceptance, celebration, unconditional love than to march down Fitzroy Street St Kilda to the Catani Gardens (where food stalls, a beer garden and lively entertainment ensured a fabulous end to a fabulous march!) with a colourful assortment of openly willing diverse people strutting their stuff beaming I am here, see me for who I truly am. Having marched only twice myself now, it truly is an auspicious occasion having thousands upon thousands of people celebrate alongside you, whether marching with me or cheering amongst the crowds observing. As the straight wife of a bisexual man…damn I felt proud! What a way to end the Midsumma Festivities for 2013. Thank you Melbourne Pride team for continuing to create such an important rite of passage.

Thank you my love, my beautiful Andrew, for opening my eyes and heart to all that truly is unconditional, including our love.

So there you have it…finally…my Midsumma wrap up!

Big love & huge hugs,

IL&G (Infinite Love & Gratitude!).


‘practice what you passion’®